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You have certainly come to the right place at Europe-Vans as a foreign customer. We have all the required in-house knowledge and experience to quickly help you on your way with the right documents. We supply TAX FREE. We will need your company’s European VAT number if the vehicle is going to stay within the European Union.

We will organise the EX.A customs document if the vehicle is leaving the European Union. In such cases we would ask for a small deposit until the vehicle has left the European Union. When exporting our vehicles, we can usually handle the following export formalities for you within 1 hour:

  • Deregistration of the licence plate for export
  • Dutch export licence plate, including insurance, for 14 days
  • Sagitta (customs) document for delivery outside of the EU
  • Special documents like a EUR.1 certificate or a conformity statement are available by prior consultation.